Ronald J. Koch, Owner


Ron Koch is the owner of The Eley Law Firm. He has over 25 years engineering and legal experience. As an engineer, he has worked for companies as well as in his own entrepreneurial endeavors in the areas of electronics, construction management, project management, sales, energy engineering, and medical devices. Ron also gets involved in prototype design. A degreed electrical engineer and licensed professional engineer, he has designed electrical, mechanical, and medical devices. As an attorney, he has litigated patent, trademark, copyright, as well as other civil and criminal matters in state and federal courts across the nation. He is licensed in Ohio federal & state courts as well as various other federal courts via pro hac vice. He is licensed to practice before The United States patent and trademark office on patent prosecution matters. He has prepared and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications in the areas of mechanical, electrical, and chemical, and he has prepared and prosecuted many federal trademark applications. Additionally, he is a patent holder and small business owner. Ron Koch is “Of Counsel” to the Vested Law Firm.